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Our Story

We sell beautiful experiences that will brighten your day and put a smile on your face.


It all started with a stay at home mother of two with a passion for beautiful things… All things! Unfortunately, beautiful things come with an unreasonable price tag. So, she started thinking of how she can bring some beauty to her friends and family.

As Elle; our founder, is a hopeless romantic, she started looking at lovely and romantic pieces of jewelry. With piece after piece of beautifully crafted designs and gorgeous natural stones, she couldn’t help but believe that everyone deserves at least one stunning piece of beautiful jewelry and should be able to afford it. So she started Rosea Luna, loosely translated to "The Moon Rose", to provide affordable yet gorgeous jewelry and accessories. 

And so, it began…

We are a growing operation and we strive to make every step a joyful and tireless experience from the moment we select our designs and materials to the moment we ship it to you. We think of you throughout the whole process, especially when we wrap your jewelry and we hope unwrapping it will be an exquisite experience for you.

We try to picture all the joyful moments these pieces will be part of, a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary… We think of all the graduates, the beautiful couples, the strong mothers and all the lovely daughters who will give pieces of our hearts a new home.


Why choose Rosea Luna

- Exquisite Experience

- Beautiful Pieces

- Affordable Jewelry

- Authentic Gemstones

- Worldwide Shipping 

- Free Shipping on All Orders over $50




Your Story

It makes us very happy and gives us a great sense of accomplishment when we hear about your experience and how we were a part of your happy occasions. Share your story with us at contact@RoseaLuna.com. We would be delighted to hear from you.